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Rev. Jim Jones final hour in the Jonestown Massacre Psyop.  Jonestown was NOT A MASS SUICIDE.  Evidence and coroner reports prove most of the victims were murdered.   Many were shot and strangled.
The CIA cover up to contain the MK ULTRA operation continues to this day, with disinformation propaganda that is parroted by the controlled mainstream media.  Jonestown was mass murder,  not mass suicide.

A 1977 expose on the beatings, fleecing and totalitarian goings on at the People's Temple forced Rev. Jim Jones to seek a safe haven. 

With aid from the U.S. Embassy, Jones moved his Utopia to Guyana where followers slaved in the fields for up to 18 hours a day sustained by meager concentration camp rations. 

After receiving complaints lodged by relatives of cult members, Congressman Leo Ryan visited Jonestown on November 18, 1978 to investigate allegations of human rights abuses.

My research has uncovered that it wasn't Jones who initiated the genocide that followed in Guyana, but the CIA.   On Jim Jones' infamous death tape, aside from revealing (not surprisingly) that the People's Temple were a Communist Cult, Jones also revealed a clue when he mentioned "they" (the CIA) would parachute in and slaughter them all if they didn't kill themselves.

A revolutionary suicide would be more merciful as well as make a strong political statement.
The quiet ending of the tape gives the impression that all were dead. But they weren't.
Only a small group were with Jones at the pavillion.

Most, who truly feared for their lives fled into the jungle. Considering the forensic evidence, it appears "they" (the CIA) did indeed show up.

The survivors who fled into the jungle were hunted down and rounded up by up to 300 Green Beret forces, 100 of which were MK ULTRA mind control assassins.
The survivors who wished to live were killed.

Most were force injected poison between their shoulder blades. Some were shot, as was Jones. Some were strangled. The entire crime scene was staged more than a week before any media were allowed access.   There is certainly more than meets the eye at Jonestown.

In 1977, the Church Commission uncovered the many heinous and sadistic clandestine operations executed by the CIA such as Project MK ULTRA.

Congressman Ryan, who was a noted CIA critic, authored the Hughes-Ryan Amendment, which if passed would have required the CIA to disclose to Congress -- in advance -- details of all covert operations.

The State department offered Ryan no answers or assistance, despite numerous inquiries. He arrived with U.S. embassy official Richard Dwyer, as well as some journalists Ryan already suspected what was really going on at Jonestown.

After his suspicions were validated all hell broke loose and he was assassinated, shot more than 40 times at the air strip. Definite overkill.

Leo Ryan was the first Congressman assassinated in U.S. history along with four reporters. The Hughes-Ryan Amendment was killed in Congress soon afterwards. How convenient for the CIA and the shadow government.

Witnessess describe the assassins as mechanical walking zombies devoid of any emotion.
The massacre at Jonestown began soon after the shootings at the airstrip.

A very plausible explanation for the killings was that Jim Jones, or someone-- ordered the murders after Ryan's visit threatened to expose what was happening.
In the chaos that followed, a mass extermination was carried out.

Who were these zombie assassins? Well, besides the 913 dead, 167 survivors returned from the camp. News reports confirm that there were at least 1100 individuals at the camp.

Who were the 200 or more people that are unaccounted for? Survivors report there was a special all-white group that was well-armed, well-treated and free to exit the compound. These guards were never accounted for on any news reports.

Who were these White Devils?

Perhaps it is these same guards a congressional aide referred to in an Associated Press article which stated, "There are 120 white, brainwashed assassins out from Jonestown awaiting the trigger word to pick up their hit."

Of course, they had help. Over 300 U.S. Green Berets -- trained for CIA covert assassinations -- were in the area at the time.

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