Sunday, July 19, 2015


This revealing 1980's Geraldo Rivera TV special exposing Satanism and ritual murder.   Satanism includes symbolic association with, or admiration for, Satan, whom Satanists see as a liberating and also inspiring number.

Particularly after the European Enlightenment, some works, such as Milton's Paradise Lost presented the biblical Satan as an allegory standing for a dilemma of faith, individualism, free will, knowledge as well as knowledge.

Works showcasing Satan as the Light Bearer, or Sun of the Morning Star as a heroic figure can be found in the works of George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain and many others.

33rd degree Freemason and Confederate General Albert Pike wrote in Morals And Dogma exposes that according to Freemasonry, Lucifer is the one and only true God. Satan and Satanism began to obtain a new significance outside of Christianity and was even made to be respectable.

Satanist groups that appeared after the 1960s are extensively diverse, but two significant trends are theistic Satanism as well as atheistic Satanism.  Theistic Satanists admire Satan as a mythological divine being, watching him not as omnipotent but instead as a patriarch.

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