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AUG.25, 2014

Media Giants Are Charged with
Commercial Genocide
and High Crimes Against
The United States Government,
Drug Companies Profiting
from the WHO/CDC Declared
"Ebola Emergency."


UBM plc. / PRNewswire:
Doctor/Whistleblower Warns of
Pending Litigation From Discriminatory Censorship of Incriminating
National Institutes of Health Documents Evidencing the Origin of Ebola from
Litton Industries Bioweapons Lab.

Please help spread this information to compensate for the mass media censorship reported here. . . 


The Above Video was Censored by GOOGLE/YouTube, but is still Broadcasting on Vimeo's Revolution Television Channel. It Contains Suppressed Intelligence Vetting Scientific Fraud, Evidence Tampering, and High Crimes Against People Globally Pursuant to the Ebola Emergency." Read All About it by CLICKING HERE.

URGENT PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM DR. HOROWITZ SLAMMING UBM/PRNewswire/iREACH and GOOGLE for Censoring His Works to Help BigPharma Commit Bioterrorism for
War Commerce in a "Seditious Conspiracy" Against the U.S.

The Press Release we mailed you about a week ago was censored by PRNewswire and iREACH officials after we paid to have it disseminated, compelling me to issue this Notice of Pending Litigation Against the parent company, UBM, plc., and GOOGLE Inc. The content of my response to Helen Alexander, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors at UBM, is urgent reading, because it can be used by every concerned citizen and activist to better understand and communicate the high crimes being committed against the U.S. Govt. and We The People.  This matter concerns bioterrorism, "Ebola warfare," and treason, committed by pharmaceutical companies in a "Seditious Conspiracy" with major news agencies. The remedy for this psychopathology, social engineering, and genocidal racketeering lies in understanding and communicating these truths, as well as the laws being broken.

As you will read in the "
Open Letter" published on WarOnWeThePeople.com,  I have linked the scientific documents evidencing the origin of Ebola (original grandparent was "Rhabdovirus Simian") sourced from Litton Bionetics's lab and monkey colony in Africa. With your help in disseminating these documents and intelligence we stand the greatest chance that the "International Emergency" will disappear most rapidly, and prevent a pandemic or recurring "outbreak" in the future.

"Darkness hates light," like criminals hate witnesses and evidence.

As I stated before, We The People must not stand idle against this treason and global threat posed by drug industrialists. So please read and share this life-saving labor of love with others.

Finally, last week I asked for your prayers for two important court dates which sealed the fate of the demonic attorney, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., who attempted to steal our Health Retreat in Pahoa, HI. We slam-dunked him so bad he now seeks to delay of our trail scheduled for Sept. 16-19, 2014; and the Court has stated her preference to dismiss the case due to the obvious fraud in Sulla's claims. We are seeking damages.

More on this later. . . . For now, keep the prayers coming!

Aloha, thank you, and bless you.

Leonard G. Horowitz

P.S. If you have any issues viewing this mail, CLICK HERE; and (as mentioned last time) to obtain the free chapter on "Marburg, Ebola and Chilling Propaganda in The Hot Zone," follow the instructions provided In THE VIDEO.

Doctor Whistleblower Vets Media Conglomerate in Seditious Conspiracy with Ebola Vaccine Makers To Censor Laboratory Origin of the Outbreak.

NEWS  RELEASE                                         

Release: No. UMB-1
Date Mailed: August 26, 2014
For Immediate Release
Contact: Editor@medicalveritas.org

Doctor Whistleblower Vets Media Conglomerate in Seditious Conspiracy with Ebola Vaccine Makers To Censor Laboratory Origin of the Outbreak.

Honolulu, HI—The drug cartel’s most prolific critic, Harvard-trained emerging diseases expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, has served media conglomerate UBM, PRNewswire Service, iReach, and Google, Inc. with a “Demand for Lawful Service” and “Notice to Cease and Desist” censoring news about Ebola’s “likeliest origin” from a bioweapons lab, violating federal anti-trust laws, the “Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act” of Congress, and the “Seditious Conspiracy” prohibition protecting U.S. National Security.

Supported by evidence of suppressed National Institutes of Health (NIH) documents showing Ebola’s progenitors--“Rhabdovirus Simian” and the Marburg virus—originated in Litton Bionetics’s African lab and monkey colony in 1967, Dr. Horowitz, and Medical Veritas Vice President, Sherri Kane, contracted with PRNewswire Service and iReach to disseminate a press release and free book chapter alerting news providers, consumers, and the scientific community about Ebola’s concealed record. The editors of UBM’s companies then claimed the information violated Google, Inc.’s censorship policy causing Horowitz to issue a litigation warning.

In an “Open Letter” to UBM, plc.’s Chairwoman, Helen Alexander, threatening a lawsuit if the companies continued to violate their contract(s), licenses, and federal codes by censoring the release subtitled, “Another Ebola Problem Solved by Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane Evidencing the ‘Natural Source’ of the Outbreak is Not in Fruit Bats, but in Commercial Interests Fueling Fears, Black Hate, and War Economies,”

Horowitz objected to iReach editors’ claims that Google, Inc.’s censorship policy prohibited disseminating statements that “the WHO and CDC have defrauded people after drug industrialists with conflicting financial interests loosed the Ebola Zaire strain from a refrigerator, . . . The only reasonable explanation for the germ’s periodic re-emergence in different African countries after years of hiding in a so-called “natural reservoir” was an American bioweapons lab and vaccine supply company refrigerator. . . [providing] substantial evidence of a corporate conspiracy to commit genocide. . . .”

The doctor replied to UBM’s editors, “Censored evidence for this thesis, albeit scandalous, demands scientific scrutiny and open public debate; otherwise, said Censorship is grossly damaging and effectively treasonous, comparable to an act of war. This is particularly so because American institutions and our National Security Agencies depend on accurate confirmed intelligence, not commercial propaganda exclusively available through your news services censoring alternative views and evidence-based science.”

Referencing a recent NPR report on ill-informed rioters in Liberia frightened by Ebola, the award-winning doctor and filmmaker objected the news media’s “racist innuendoes influencing the minds of people everywhere, . . . inferring that life threatening plaques nearly always emerge from Africa vis-à-vis ‘Black People,’ versus providing equal coverage of evidenced-based science that refutes this racist messaging and riot-inciting disinformation.”

The complete “Protest UBM” letter is published on
WarOnWeThePeople.com, linked at the top of the “Media” menu. A related Special Report is playing on Vimeo’s Revolution Television channel titled, “Whistleblowers Report Ebola Outbreak as Commercial Crime and Scientific Fraud as International Health Emergency Declared.”

Google/YouTube terminated Dr. Horowitz’s popular video channel at the time the “outbreak” become headline news, a fact he attributes to his broadcasting a censored National Library of Medicine archive viewed by more than a million people showing the vaccine chief at Merck Drug Co.,
Dr. Maurice Hilleman, admitting he brought AIDS to America in contaminated monkeys shipped from Africa, precisely as Horowitz evidences.

                                                                         -end -

NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: For more information about Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane visit 528Revolution.com. To read Dr. Horowitz’s concerns about vaccinations, visit
Tetrahedron.org and FLUscam.com. Dr. Horowitz’s recommendations for better health and faster recoveries are available through CureShoppe.com. The doctor’s endorsed silver hydrosol, called OxySilver, was formulated to make toxic vaccinations and deadly antibiotics unnecessary. Call toll free, 1-888-KO-GERMS, for more information.

P. O. Box 75104, Honolulu, HI 96836 • 310-877-3002 • E-mail: Editor@MedicalVeritas.org

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