Friday, August 29, 2014


Islam is the greatest threat to freedom and liberty in the world.  Their goal for an global Islamic world ruled under Sharia Law is just as real, sinister and deadly as the global elite's goal of a one world totalitarian socialist government called the New World Order.  Now, ISIS announces planned terror attack in the U.S. on 9/11/14.   Psy-op or not, the threat is very real. 

ALSO:  An Ebola vaccine going into human trials?   Ebola is supposedly without a cure.  How can Big Pharma find a vaccine so quickly?    They can't.  But they can fear the population into taking yet another vaccine like flu shots, meningitis shots, shingles shots and many more.  

The Ebola vaccine is getting fast tracked through FDA human trials so it can be out on the market in time for the flu vaccine season, not to save lives. 

In fact, chances are, the vaccine will have deadly and debilitating side effects as all vaccines do.  


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