Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Worried about the Ebola threat in the US that is downplayed by the controlled mainstream media?  What about Fukushima?  The lamestream media completely ignore this horrible truth and keep us distracted like the current trumped up racial tensions exacerbated by COINTELPRO agitator and MSNBC propagandist  Rev. Al Sharpton. 

This TRUTH TALK NEWS segment reports on the Fukushima nuclear fallout that is already frying the west coast killing and mutating marine life and setting the stage for a U.S cancer and birth defect epidemic that is part of the elite's global de-population agenda. 

No, I am not crazy.  There IS a depopulation agenda and the Fukushima "disaster", likely caused by HAARP is part of the plan.  Of course, the controlled mainstream media is completely ignoring this deadly issue.

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