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By Howard Nema

This is a detailing of the history of asset forfeiture.  From its initial implementation to protect U.S. tariffs during colonial times to the increasing collectivist Police State abuses we face today. 

Plus -- an in depth look at the differences between criminal and civil asset forfeiture.  

Make a note of this.  You see, under state and federal law, police departments can seize and keep property that is suspected of involvement in criminal activity.

Unlike criminal asset forfeiture, however, with civil forfeiture a property owner need not be found guilty of a crime or even charged to lose their cash and all property.   Welcome to the New World Order.

According to a new report published by the Institute for Justice most state laws are written in such a way as to encourage police to pursue profit instead of seeking justice.

The report grades each state and the federal government on its forfeiture laws and other measures of abuse.

The results are absolutely appalling:  Six states earned an F and
29 states and the federal government received a grade of D. 

Also on the LIVE  July 1, 2014 TRUTH TALK NEWS  broadcast, a segment remembering the tragic government murder of Donald Scott in 1992.

Donald P. Scott was as killed on October 2, 1992, executed by police officers from the Los Angeles County Sherrif's Department, the DEA, Border Control, National Park Service who swarmed over the Scott's 200-acre ranch.

Authorities planned to arrest Scott for allegedly running a large marijuana plantation.   This invasion caused quite a ruckus when deputies broke down the Scott's front door.   

Donald Scott staggered out of the bedroom, blurry-eyed from a cataract operationholding a .38 caliber Colt snub-nosed revolver over his head.

The officers told Donald to lower the gun.   As Scott complied he was shot dead by Sheriff's deputies to his wife's horror, shock and disbelief.  

According to the official report, the gun was pointed at the officers when they shot him.   I think not.

Despite a subsequent search of Scott's ranch using helicopters, dogs, searchers on foot, and high-tech Jet Propulsion Laboratory devices no marijuanaor any other illegal drug was ever found.

Scott's widow, Frances Plante and four of Scott's children from previous marriages filed a $100 million wrongful death suit against the county and federal government.  

In January 2000, attorneys for Los Angeles County and the federal government agreed to settle with Scott's heirs for $5 million, with the sheriff's department still maintaining its actions were justified.  

Justified?   Where's the justice there?  

Is there still justice?    Can we still find her?    Maybe.

Michael D. Bradbury, the Ventura County DA conducted an investigation into the raid, issuing a report on the events leading up to October 2, 1992 and concluded that asset forfeiture was the true motive for the raid exposing the corrupt Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, who issued their own report clearing everyone involved of wrongdoing.

How many more miscarriages of justice?  How many more?


Would it surprise you to learn that Milton William Cooper was also murdered on a similar trumped up charge on  November 6, 2001?

How about that? 

Here is a hit piece on the late Milton William Cooper from the Sierra Times on the day of his death, November 6, 2001.


Details are still sketchy on what caused the Cooper shootout on November 5, 2001, but a fax sent from the Apache County Sheriff's office sheds some more light on the subject.

William Cooper was fatally wounded during a late night gunfight. Contrary to what was reported earlier, it was not a SWAT raid, but a simple confrontation between police and Cooper.

One Apache County deputy, Robert Martinez was critically wounded in the exchange. Here's what we know so far:

According to the Sheriff's report, several deputies were positioned outside the Cooper residence to serve a warrant for Aggravated Assault and two counts of endangerment.

Cooper had stated numerous times in the past that he would not surrender to law enforcement via his website and shortwave radio. Obviously, law enforcement took him seriously.

The showdown began at approximately 12:15 pm local time.

After leaving his residence in his vehicle, the report states that Cooper confronted plain clothed deputies a short distance away. "

As Cooper drove back to his residence, deputies attempted to stop him using a fully marked patrol vehicle to block the driveway.   Cooper refused to stop or comply with verbal orders by the deputies", according to the report.

Cooper then drove around the patrol car to evade the arrest, and the report stated that he tried to run over one of the deputies en route back to his residence.

Cooper was then followed a short distance to his residence where this time he was confronted by uniformed deputies. "

After refusing once again to comply with the deputies orders, Cooper exited his vehicle and began running toward the house, firing shots with a handgun toward the deputies", the report said.

No where in the report did it mention that Cooper only had one leg - the other lost year ago.   Cooper died on the scene. 


When Deputy Martinez took a head shot, officers returned fire, the report said. According to the Sheriff's office, "the surgery on Martinez went well" , but the condition is still critical.

There was a positive history written up about Martinez in the report, but nothing positive about Cooper, of course.

Cooper had made it known that he would take action against law enforcement from years back stating, "trespassers will be shot on discovery."

He also denied violating any laws during that period as well.  Cooper has a history of harassing and threatening local residents with deadly force, according to the report.

He was recently charge with aggravated assault and endangerment, as well as wanted by the U.S. Marshall's Service on unrelated felony charges.

Cooper had spent the last month challenging the government's claims about what caused the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11.

Most who knew of Cooper all state that he was a hard man to get along with - if at all.  His demeanor and attitude was "unfriendly" at best.   Although state-sponsored media called Cooper a "national militia leader", no one has yet to come forward who was under his command, nor has anyone to this point come forward to claim his 'militia rank'.

None of those who knew Cooper and spoke to Sierra Times wanted to go on the record, but the best statement was, "he was a son-of a bitch, but he was our son-of-a bitch".

The new Patriot Act of 2001 has many wondering if the Cooper take down was just the beginning in silencing the voices on opposition in the Country. "

Are they just starting in alphabetical order?" one person asked. Cooper was best known for being the first to provide evidence of explosives being found inside the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, including the type of explosive used.

According to his webmaster, "It appears at this time to be totally unrelated to the disputes he had with the federal government." There were no federal agents involved with the gunfight. 


Along these same lines the ACLU settled a class action lawsuit, pending court approval, against officials in the East Texas town of Tenaha and Shelby County over the rampant practice of stopping and searching drivers, almost always Black or Latino, and often seizing their cash and other valuable property.

The money seized by officers during these stops went directly into department coffers. It's yet another racket.   A cash cow that destroys the wealth and property rights of already tax raped citizens by crooked employees of the State.

Of course these slimy parasites with badges targeted those who could least afford to challenge the officers’ abuse of power. All of this under the guise of a drug interdiction program made possible by Texas’s permissive and profitable civil asset forfeiture laws. Incredible, isn't it?

Across the country, law enforcement agents stop motorists predominantly people of color and seize the money in their possession simply by asserting that they believe the money is connected to some illegal activity, even without ever pursuing criminal charges.

Under federal law and the laws of most states, they are entitled to keep the money they seize, which goes to fill police department coffers, pay salaries, buy new equipment, and fund other perks for the officers.

These examples should stand as stark reminder that Our rights and liberty are forever at risk by those who wish to enslave us.

In all the history of the world, for ongoing milennia people were ruled by kings and tyrants who subjugated the vast majority of humanity to slavery and serfdom. 

Our 238 year experiment has proven that man can control his own destiny and thrive under unabashed liberty.

In this short time Americans have forgotten this critical truth.
We have forgotten that tyranny, oppression, slavery and serfdom
is the true history of the world, not life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Freedom has a very high price.    A continuous cost.  Lest we not forget.   For those who forgot the past are condemned to repeat it.

Today, these same age old bloodline of elitists wish to bring the whole world back to colonial status under their rule.  

It is a neo-feudal New World Order controlled by the financial elite.   A one world, dictatorial socialist government where all aspects of human life are under their complete control.

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